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Worried about someone's driving?

by James Smith

Concerned about your loved one?

A recent article in the Chronicle under the community briefs section.

Discussing concerns about driving is a sensitive topic for families. Having to stop driving increases dependence, decreases mobility and is often seen as a sign of declining ability. Medical conditions and medications affecting mental abilities can affect driving and make a good driver unsafe behind the wheel. Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee, which includes an outpatient clinic, now administers an unbiased and objective evaluation that accurately determines when driving has declined to an unsafe level. The DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool assesses skills and mental abilities necessary for safe driving. It includes tasks that look at attention, judgment decision-making and memory. The test involves a push-button/touch screen system which is highly predictive of actual on-road driving performance. Consider DriveABLE to reduce the emotional burden for families and caregivers by electing to get an accurate, arms-length decision about driving competency. It will give you peace of mind and keep competent drivers from being falsely identified. With a Doctor's prescription, costs are generally covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. To learn more or to make a referral, call (850) 656-4867.